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Factors To Keep In View For Patio Installations

When it comes to patio design and installation, we focus on some basic factors such as:

  • Available space- the shape, size and placement of the patio will depend on this
  • House architecture- the patio will be structured on the design style of your home. This provides a seamless appearance
  • The materials to be used – we ensure that only high grade pavers such as the ones manufactured by Cambridge Pavers, EP Henry, or Techo Bloc are used in the project. This means you won’t have to worry about longevity of the installation
  • Low maintenance- everyone leads busy lives today and wants low-maintenance installations on their property. We make sure that all the materials used will be easy to maintain and care for and that the patio installation cost will be reasonable too
  • End-to-end solutions- while it’s great to have a patio, you want to make it more functional. We can provide you with outdoor kitchen installation ideas that truly help extend the indoor spaces of your home and add a spacious and open look to your property

About Walkway Installations

Walkway installations start with building/installing the correct base. Without a stable foundation your project will settle and move in just a few months. At JM Patios we are second to none when it comes to installing a proper base and foundation. Once you have a buildible foundation your patios and walkways will be an enjoyable living space for years to come.

When you have beautifully landscaped areas with flower beds, shrubs and lawns, you will also want to use all these spaces more. However, you can’t really walk through a flower bed space or the green lawn every time you want to get to the end of the yard or garden. Installing paver walkways is an excellent way to ensure that you have easy access to these spaces without having to spoil the features that exist in the landscaping. I would remove the above.

Our master paver professionals are highly skilled in installing different types of paving stones and can create stunning walkways using natural stone pavers from companies such as Cambridge Pavers, EP Henry, or Techo Bloc. In addition, we can install Belgian block curbing along the paving installation. As a matter of fact, these curbing stones look great on driveways too, and create a very neat look on your property. For customized patio designs and walkway and pathway installations, call JM Patios at 610-756-7781. You can connect with us via the online form on our site too.

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