Masonry Veneer Walls, Natural Stone Walls, Belgian Block Curbing

Masonry Work Philadelphia, PAAny property owner that has got their landscape designed or is planning on getting it designed, knows that the market is flooded with a range of materials and fixtures. When you are deciding which material/s to use for paving, walls and curbing, there are a few aspects you should keep in view; the materials should be able to weather climatic changes, be hardwearing and long lasting too.

After all, outdoor features are constantly exposed to the elements and you don’t want the appearance and condition of your garden or yard to deteriorate within a short time. In this respect, natural stone becomes an excellent choice in a number of landscaping applications. We at JM Patios are a company that has proved its mettle in the industry.

We have vast experience in this space and have handled end-to-end landscaping projects for customers in and around Gladwyne, Philadelphia, Bryn Mawr, Villanova, Wayne and Plymouth Meeting. We also have a number of long standing customers across Blue Bell, Ambler and Fort Washington.

Different Landscaping Features

In addition to the softscaping, we also build features such as masonry veneer walls, natural stone walls and Belgian block curbing. Here is a detailed look at what these services involve:

  • Veneer Walls - Many properties tend to have graded land and concrete/brick and concrete retaining walls may have to be built to support slopes and prevent soil erosion. At times retaining walls may be built to create a demarcation on the property or to create seating for outdoor kitchens etc. We can beautify the concrete walls by cladding them with veneer. This is available in a range of colors, textures and styles. It gives the appearance of a natural stone wall, but is an inexpensive way of achieving that look.

  • Natural Stone Walls - Some of our clients prefer that that entire wall be made of natural stone. In this case we construct stone retaining walls on the property. These have an undeniable appeal, but tend to be more expensive than veneer walls in which only the cladding is made of natural stone.

  • Belgian Block Curbing - Regardless of what kind of material you have used to install your driveway, pathways and walkways, the one way to give them a very neat look is to install Belgian block curbing all along their edges. Not only do these natural stone blocks add to the aesthetics of your property, but they also provide a very clear visual aid when you pull in to your driveway or back out.

The planning for all these installations has to be factored in early on in the landscaping project as these elements have a lot to do with grading. The right kind of planning will ensure that proper drainage systems are installed and that the structures blend in well with the rest of the landscaping.

For any additional information about installations such as masonry veneer walls, natural stone walls and Belgian block curbing, call JM Patios at 610-756-7781. You can connect with us via the online form on our site too.

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