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Water Features Philadelphia, PACreating a unique and alluring look on your landscape takes a lot of planning. This means you have to use the right amount of masonry features and softscaping as well as the right kind of lighting and decorative elements. Water features are also an important part of most landscapes and there is no denying the fact that these installations have a very positive impact on the ambience of the overall landscape.

JM Patios provides Water Feature installation services to customers across Philadelphia, Delaware County, Montgomery County, Willow Grove and West Chester as well as King of Prussia, Chester, Upper Darby, Pottstown, Springfield, Media and Aston. These features balance out the greenery and hardscaping in the landscape very well. There are a number of different features you can choose from, including:

Water Fountains

Water fountains are popular installations in residential landscaping. These could be made of concrete, natural stone or metal even. At times, property owners choose statuary fountains which add a very distinctive look to the area. It’s possible to buy readymade fountains or you can get them custom designed too. This helps you create design concepts to match the rest of the features in the landscaping. Many landscapers use fountains to great effect in their projects and turn them into the focal point of the entire garden or yard.


There is something distinctly charming about having a cascading waterfall in your yard. It creates a very alive ambience and immediately lends an environment of serenity in that space. You can have rock waterfalls installed and get multi-layered ones designed if you want a taller structure. Depending on where it is built, it can act as a privacy screen or can be used to hide an unattractive view as well. Your landscape designers will be able to design the perfect waterfall for you.

If you have kids or pets in your home and find that waterfall installations pose a safety risk, you can opt for a pondless waterfall. There will be no pond at the base with water pooling in it. This type of a waterfall is ideal for smaller spaces too and you have the flexibility to add a pond at a later stage, if you like.

Backyard Ponds

Adding a backyard pond to your property lends an immediate lift to the space. You can choose from different themes like Koi ponds or ones based on tropical themes and have suitable fish and aquatic plants growing in the pond. If you are going to have fish and plants in it, you would have to be a little careful with the location of the pond.

This is because they will require a certain amount of shade. Your landscape designer will help you identify the right spot for your pond. It’s important to keep in view the fact that a pond is a high maintenance feature and it will require a filtration and aeration system too. You can check with the experts at JM Patios about the exact specifications of these types of ponds. This will help you make a more well-informed choice.

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