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Retaining Walls Philadelphia, PAIt’s not uncommon for properties to have sloping land. While slight slopes lend a very interesting look to the landscaping, steeper slopes pose a challenge to the addition of features such as driveways, pathways etc. This also means the land has to be excavated to make place for the installation. This leaves a portion of the slope exposed and this is where retaining walls have to be built to lend support to the soil.

JM Patios provides retaining walls installation services to customers across Philadelphia, Delaware County, Montgomery County, Willow Grove and West Chester as well as King of Prussia, Chester, Upper Darby, Pottstown, Springfield, Media and Aston.

Retaining Wall Blocks

Since the primary objective of building a retaining wall is to provide sufficient support to the landscaping and prevent soil erosion, it’s important that the materials used be strong and durable. CMUs or Concrete Masonry Units are retaining wall blocks that are made especially for constructing these engineered walls in landscape applications. These concrete blocks can be stacked one on top of the other to create retaining walls at strategic points in the landscaping.

Concrete Blocks

Modular, interlocking design concrete blocks are another ideal material used in the construction of retaining walls. These blocks fit perfectly in with each other to form a solid block wall. The installation is quick and very cost-effective too. These blocks are strong and durable and you can affix veneers on the surface to give them a more appealing look. You can also buy wall systems of concrete blocks and use them to build entire structures in the landscape.

Building a Retaining Wall

Retaining walls are specially engineered for landscaped areas. This job isn’t one that an ordinary mason can handle. For instance, if you are building a retaining wall made of natural stone, you would need a stone mason for the job. These stone walls may be set in mortar or they could be dry-stacked too. The structure and design of the walls has to be planned well and that will ensure the integrity as well as the longevity of the structure.

Retaining Wall Design

It’s crucial that you hire retaining wall experts to get these built and it’s very important that they be designed well too. Every landscape is different and that means there is no fixed design that can be used while building these walls. When you hire the services of a company like JM Patios for the job, the designers survey the area where the retaining walls have to be built and then provide customized designs to match the requirements of the clients.

Backfill of some permeable material will be used to ensure that the water drainage is proper and this reduces the pressure on the retaining wall. Many designers also design walls with dual functionality such as ones with in-built seating or even with multi-leveled planters in them. This creates and interesting effect in the landscape design and adds to the functionality of the retaining wall structure.

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