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Outdoor Living Philadelphia, PAMost homeowners are now focusing on getting their outdoor living areas designed in a unique way. They are more open to unique and not-so-common landscape concepts. The idea is to create usable spaces that look stunning and last long. Choosing your landscape designer with care is the one way to ensure that this area is well designed and properly installed.

JM Patios provides customized outdoor living installation services to customers across Philadelphia, Delaware County, Montgomery County, Willow Grove and West Chester as well as King of Prussia, Chester, Upper Darby, Pottstown, Springfield, Media and Aston.

Outdoor Kitchens

An increasing number of property owners are now opting to get outdoor kitchens installed on their property. While some people prefer very simple installations, others choose to get more elaborate fittings and fixtures. For instance, some outdoor kitchens may sport a large number of appliances, creative lighting and seating spaces.

In most homes, the outdoor kitchen becomes the perfect party setting and it’s also a great way to cook outdoors on a weekend. It’s important to choose weather-resistant materials such as pavers for the flooring and build retaining walls as demarcations of the outdoor kitchen area.

Outdoor Fireplace

When you have well-designed outdoor spaces on your property, you want to be able to use them optimally at all times. However, there are times when there is a nip in the air that keeps you from using your patio or deck when you want to. But you shouldn’t let a bit of cold weather deter you from enjoying the outdoor spaces on your property; simply get a fireplace installed there.

You can get a fireplace custom-designed in any shape or size and can use materials such as concrete, brick or natural stone in its construction; you can also use brick/stone veneers or stucco on the surface if you like.

Fire Pits

Sometimes homeowners want a fire element on their property; however not everyone wants a large fireplace on their patio or deck. The smaller alternative to a fireplace installation is a fire pit. This can be installed in any outdoor spot on your property. The one way to make the best of it is to ensure there is plenty of space around it for seating.

When you get a fire pit custom designed, you can choose the shape, size and materials you want. You can also decide what type of filling you want- the different fire pit fills are river rock, recycled glass and lava rock.

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