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Landscape Design Philadelphia, PAIf you are considering getting your garden designed, you are bound to focus on the landscape design and the theme of your garden and yard. In fact, this is the very first phase of a landscaping project. Once the design plan is in place and the materials have been finalized, that paves the way for the actual installation.

JM Patios provides landscape design services to customers across Philadelphia, Delaware County, Montgomery County, Willow Grove and West Chester as well as King of Prussia, Chester, Upper Darby, Pottstown, Springfield, Media and Aston.


Your landscape is one of the first things any visitor to your property notices. Designing it well ensures that the outdoor areas of your home become more functional and appealing to the eye. It helps create specific demarcations and areas for various features and gives these outdoor spaces a neat and aligned look. Since landscaping is much more than just planting some trees or installing a lawn, its best to get professionals to handle the designing and installation for you.

Landscaping Ideas

The Landscape designers will understand what your design preferences are and what your vision for these outdoor spaces is. Based on this information, they will then provide various landscaping ideas for you to choose from. When landscapers put forth these ideas they take into account a number of other factors such as the layout of the property and whether it has slopes and grading.

The architectural style of your home also matters as the landscape should complement the look of your house structure. They will also understand what type of features you want installed and will then ensure those ideas are in-sync with all these other factors.

Garden Design

The appearance of your garden affects the look of your entire property. This means, having a good garden creates an excellent backdrop for your house, improves the curb appeal of your property and its value. An experienced landscape designer will ensure that the design concept of the garden flows through seamlessly in all the features that are present in the landscaping. Good garden design is always well-balanced and has the right proportion of hardscaping, softscaping, water features and other elements. The idea is to create a whole that’s stunning and unique.

Patio Design

Patios are a very popular outdoor living installation. While some people prefer to leave this open to the air, others may build pergolas on it to lend it a certain amount of shade. At times, the owner might build a patio kitchen there and this becomes the ultimate leisure and entertainment zone. You can install BBQs and grills and throw weekend parties and spend time there with your family and friends.

The one way to make optimal use of that space is to pay extra attention to the patio design, allocate proper seating spaces and maybe get a fireplace or fire pit installed there too. You can build retaining walls with in-built seating and this provides added functionality to the space.

Getting a professional company like JM Patios to handle your landscaping project is a great way to get value for money and excellent services.

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